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报告主题:Energy pattern for simultaneous wireless information and power transfer

报告人:Dr Rong Zhang

School of Electronics and Computer Science

University of Southampton, United Kingdom


He received his PhD (Jun 09) from Southampton University, UK and his BSc (Jun 03) from Southeast University, China. Before his doctorate, he was an engineer (Aug 03-July 04) at China Telecom and a research assistant (Jan 06-May 09) at Mobile Virtual Center of Excellence (MVCE), UK. After being a post-doctoral researcher (Aug 09-July 12) at Southampton University, he took his industrial consulting leave (Aug 12-Jan 13) for Huawei Sweden R&D as a system algorithms specialist. Since Feb 13, he has been appointed as a lecturer at CSPC group of ECS, Southampton University. He has 25+ journals in prestigious publication avenues (e.g. IEEE, OSA) and many more in major conference proceedings. He regularly serve as reviewer for IEEE transactions/journals and he has been several times as TPC member/invited session chair of major conferences. He is a member of IEEE, a member of OSA and the recipient of joint funding of MVCE and EPSRC. He is also a visiting researcher of Nanjing University under Worldwide University Network (WUN) grant.


In echoing Varshney's seminal concept of jointly transmitting information and energy, we propose the concept of an energy pattern aided Simultaneous Wireless Information and Power Transfer (SWIPT) system. By embedding information into energy patterns rather than imposing it by modulating classic radio, our energy pattern aided SWIPT system exhibits a beneficial immunity to any potential performance degradation imposed by power-conversion, which leads to a beneficial wireless information and power transfer convergence.